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Manifesting Your Abundant Life
W/ Shanice

As an experienced and educated professional, self proclaimed expert in visioning how to "Live Abundantly", and advocate for work-life harmony, Shanice offers her insight through 1-1 and small group guidance sessions, to empower women to achieve their goals of a wealthy, healthy, and luxury living without LIMITS. Take advantage of these various services to develop your inner self and manifest your dreams, outward. This program equips individuals who are:

  • Job seekers who want strategies to obtain that dream job

  • Entrepreneurs who want tools to create a plan to succeed in their craft

  • Change makers who want to activate their full potential as impactful leaders in service.



"It doesn't matter where or when you start, as long as you take that step".

Our Coaching program consists of 3 Stages: "See It", "Plan It", and "Do It". Participants of our coaching courses will receive the unique support to meet them where they are, and be guided to where they desire to be - in abundance.



Shanice W.

Visionary Coach

Expert in professional strategy and goal-setting tactics for success.

  • Instagram

Follow our Coach on Instagram at @visionyourvictory, for motivation.

Meditating on Beach

See It

Mindset and Clarity

Guidance to find your inner and outward balance through customized tools for vision clarity, transformation of your thoughts, and manifesting with the power of your voice. 


Plan It

Project Management

You have your goals and plans, but desire the tools to achieve them. Receive "tips and tricks" in goal-setting and time management while overcoming natural barriers seamlessly.

Enjoying Nature

Do It

Your Victory Story

Using all the tools and guidance to walk into your abundance. Confidently pressing forward to success and sharing your journey to inspire others. This is your "victory lap" SHINE!

Thank you so much for guiding me and looking over my resume to make it stronger, your check ins, and your social media platforms!!! Seriously, you're GOALS! 

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