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Frustration in the Fight for Victory

This blog post is a reflection from the message I recently heard on a Women Evolve podcast episode.

frus·tra·tion /frəˈstrāSH(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce


  1. the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. "I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration"

  2. the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something. "the frustration of their wishes"

Have you ever had a week that felt like the longest, hardest, most stressful year? Or a day that just seemed like time stopped to allow anything wrong to happen - times one thousand? OR you were just innocently scrolling through your social media feed only to see back to back images that remind you "guuurl you are NOT where you are supposed to be"? This past few months as I balance work goals and business growth I have found myself in these exact scenarios - on rotation. It has felt like an ongoing cycle of uncertainty and the F word - FRUSTRATION. Frustration has fogged my thoughts and ideas to cripple me from moving forward with things I know I am destined for. Sometimes I find myself moving through life just to stay above water, with the strong hope to rise to the stars. So when things don't go exactly my way, as planned, frustration kicks in and that feeling of defeat is around the corner.

The Turning Point Started With A Crumb....

Most of you may know I am a podcast-queen. I listen to a variety of things to start my days and get my gears running for the work that is to come. One past podcast was ALL TOO TIMELY with Rev Sarah Jakes Roberts and featured guest Dr. Pam Ross talking about the power in "working with crumbs" you have in life. They unpack the strategy of using what you have to accomplish all of the things you desire. What if instead of looking at where you are lacking, you started leveraging the things you have at ready? Far too many times my frustration originates from me seeing what is missing. I don't have enough money in the bank for that broken sink. I am missing the skills for that job qualification. I am not small enough for that outfit (yes child this is a thing). Listening to Rev Sarah and Dr. Pam Ross was the true kick in the butt to break my frustration cycle I was going through. To really shift my perspective and start looking at all the things I do have to accomplish my business goals, work relationships, financial responsibilities, and more. I am a believer that God gives us exactly what we need and I lost sight of that. Imagine if God could trust me with the little "crumbs" I have, how much He will bless me with later on. Now I will be honest, I am impatient. Why not give it all too me now God? But I hear the response, look how overwhelmed you are with the little I have already given you? Sheesh you right. Little does become much. So this season I am refocusing my perspective to look at all I have around me, and make it work for my abundance. What crumbs will you begin to make work for your abundance?

My Crumbs (humbly) are me holistically; my knowledge, my skills, my gifts, and my drive.

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