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Nope, Not My Lane!

As I walk through my own purpose journey I find myself recognizing paths that are NOT for me. Opportunities have been presented and I turned them away because they did not align with my purpose. It is like when you shop online and you see all the amazing fashion, but know that one outfit is not going to wear on you the way it did the model. Or when your friend decides to plan a deep dive to see the coral reefs and you know that isn't for you because you can't swim. I can list more but I think you get it. In this entry, I am talking about those moments when your every muscle is like "guuurl this ain't your calling!" (For my church folks). There is power in knowing your lane.

In conversations with other women of color I have found that we squeeze ourselves into situations that may not be part of our path. Whether it be relationships that contradicts our self worth, jobs that limit our potential, or even tasks that just didn't come natural or feel right but we were volun-told to do them. Have you found yourself, past or present, in a position where you are doing all the things asked of you and still feel unfulfilled? If so, that is because chiiiiile you are not in your lane.

This lesson is very important to acquire as you elevate into your full potential. When you are not operating in the spaces that have been predestined for only you, your shine gets a little dim and your energy for doing the work required becomes draining. It is a flex to know you are where you are supposed to be in life and what you should be doing. I have shared the story with clients of turning down job offers because I knew that it was not what I was purposed to do at that moment. Yes it was not easy. Especially when they looked like opportunities to elevate my status and bank balance. But, would they elevate me for the future that has been intentionally designed for me? I had to be confident in that God wants more for me and from me. And what God has planned for me is greater than anyone else's. So my no's now come much easier - and faster. Because I know what my path looks like. I can recognize the street signs with other folks names on them. I can look up ahead and just know; and I can proudly say "Nope, Not My Lane!"

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