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Visioning My Victory In 2023

Prince Louie sleeping with his vet cone on post-surgical procedure.

You are probably wondering why I opened this blog entry with a picture of my pup, Prince Louie. Well this has been my POV this last week. Watching him fumble around the house trying to navigate this new contraption around his head that blocks his peripheral vision and from licking himself - which he loves to do. I have been watching the Prince struggle to get around corners, he somehow hits every one. He can't sleep in his normal positions with this thing. He even has trouble getting close to his 'hum-mom'. Just yesterday he ran up behind me too fast and got projected backwards because the cone hit my leg before he could. It is a sight to see; one that I hold great sympathy for, but also couldn't help reflecting on. Is this how I look in my life? Is this how God sees me?

2022 was my cone.

If you have been following my blog thus far you have some idea on how 2022 was truly a growing year for me. It challenged me in ways I have never experienced and broke me just to put me together in the way that I always should have been. I believe that 2022 was my cone season. God surrounded me with an invisible barrier to manage how I moved. Like Prince Louie, I needed to fumble around and find new ways to navigate through life. My cone season forced me to block all the distractions and stay focused on what is in front of me. My cone season allowed me to be in the right positions so that my healing process would be seamless; keeping me from irritating wounds that were finally getting the attention they needed to heal. There were times were I wanted to rush into things, running head first into something exciting and new. But my cone season made sure I was in proper proximity to the things I was ready for; tempering my knee-jerk desires to be too close and have things right now. I am much appreciative of 2022 being my cone season because without this time to be a bit uncomfortable, to have space to heal, and to be forced to keep my focus, I wouldn't be prepared for my next season. Prince Louie's cone doesn't allow him to fully look down. Somehow it always gets stuck to the carpet, so he has to wait for me to wipe his face or feed him. I too will continue to keep my head up and patiently allow my blessings to come to me.

I hope you didn't think I was going to not leave you with a call to action - come on now.

Now three days into 2023 I feel more ready then ever for the adventures coming my way. I envision a life that is full and prosperous. I see new opportunities that I feel more equipped for. I am still healing but I now have the words and wisdom to understand and speak out. Last year was my necessary preparation for this year and beyond, and I am so ready for it. I CHALLENGE YOU, if you haven't already, to really sit and reflect on how you are going to accomplish all your desires this year. How has last year equipped you for this moment? What lessons did you learn from your cone season that you can bring into this year? What is your motivation? And if you haven't had that season yet, maybe you are walking into it - and trust me, you want to embrace it.

Note: Prince Louie is healing up just fine. Still walking into walls though smh.

This is my 2023 Vision Board using Canva template: Phone Wallpaper. If you want tips on how to create your own, check out my quick guide (click here)

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