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Congratulations on taking this first step in prioritizing you and the abundant life you desire.


This signature introductory course outlines the 3 stages of Manifesting Your Abundant Life: See It, Plan It, and Do It, into digestible 1-1 sessions. This course is intended to help BIPOC women professionals who want to easily manage their time, to define their purpose, and mitigate their limitations for living in wholeness. By enrolling in my program, you will walk away with self confidence, obtainable and effective tools, and a robust plan so that you can build your own wealth and be your whole, authentic self; without the limits caused by fear of the “What if”.

You are tired of the same life routine and are ready to shift to something more fulfilling; but just can't seem to find the time!

You have been dreaming of a new and sustainable lifestyle for a long time and are ready to make it a reality!

You began working towards your goals, but find yourself stuck and unsure of where to go next; fearing the idea of starting over!

You want to break generational cycles and live in VICTORY and abundance!

This is the program for you!

Let's Begin

What time works for you for virtual calls?

Admission fee for this course is non-refundable $10


Let's begin your Transformation!

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